Shireen Zayed


This study explores the factors that have affected the changing forms of political activism under repressive authoritarian regimes, with focus on the case of Egypt in the period between 2000 and 2008. As such, the study will primarily focus on social movements as a valid tool of activism at three different instances/phases throughout the time framework of the study. These instances are: 1. Post-Palestinian Intifada (2000-2002), 2. Post-Iraq war (2003-2005), and 3. Post-2005 parliamentary elections (2006-2008/9). The study analyzes the reasons of igniting social movements as a tool for activism in these instances and development of the movements along that time line. The study then highlights the difference between the aims, characteristics and mobilization power of the social movements in the three historical periods. The paper argues that two main reasons are behind the rise and development of social movements as a disruptive form of activism: first, the strong and steady periods of activism followed by limited liberalization opportunities; and, second, the stagnation between the old generation of the 1970s and their failure to incubate the young activists' generation.


Political Science Department

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MA in Political Science

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September 2017

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Sunday, James

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Schlumberger, Oliver

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ElNur, Ibrahim


113 p.

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Master's Thesis


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