After the 25th January Revolution, change has become a necessary step that Egyptian citizens are enthusiastic to experience and be part of. The revolutionary change shall start by, reforming the local administration and the legal framework. This research paper is aiming to inspect the civil service law (no. 18 for 2015) as a required action from the government towards a successful change in the policies and governmental institutions through proposing Egypt vision for reform. This study plans to explore some international cases on administrative reform and capacity building; that correspond to the Egyptian case and discuss the lessons from such experiences. In order to inspect the research questions, the researcher used the qualitative technique to collect information through conducting semi-structured interviews with a non-representative sample and inspect the reaction in the Egyptian context and how the Law is perceived as a stage in the reform process. This research topic is covered through collecting information of the current situation, together with, gathering information from the literature about administrative reform in Egypt and other countries around the world, the met obstacles, and strategies used to overcome such obstacles are explored. Foremost among the topics that are covered are the Public administration challenges in Egypt, the attempts taken to overcome these issues and were they successful. The interviewees developed crucial recommendations; for example, developing government functions and structure along with the competencies, responsibilities, performance management, job satisfaction, motivation, decentralization, effective leadership and empowering them. Regardless the difference between the experts in tackling these challenges, they decided that there are some fundamental criteria in the local administration reform process in Egypt. To conclude, this research stresses the importance of stakeholders consultation and how the civil service law(no. 18 for 2015) terms has a crucial role in attaining reform measures in Egyptian government administration and driving forward the economy, capacity building and providing efficient service to the public.


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MA in Public Administration

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February 2016

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Abdel-Halim, Khaled

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Bhuiyan, Shahjahan

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Amin, Khaled


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Master's Thesis


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