The thesis investigates the change management process in the public sector, with specific focus on a recent change process that took place in an Egyptian public organization as a case study, the Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA). The research aims to explore the change management process that took place after the issuance of the founding law of case under study, the EDA, to achieve the organizational goals and objectives, and provide recommendations for improvement. The study used a mixed methods approach to answer the overarching research question as well as the sub questions. The qualitative part of the research used interviews as a data collection tool with a total of 13 interviews, and the quantitative part used questionnaire as the data collection tool with a total of 241 questionnaires. The findings of both data suggest that the model of change management used in the case study resulted in an effective organizational change process and positive outcomes on the organizational level, but not on the individual level. The change management process as well lacked appropriate communication styles, which has led to increased levels of dissatisfaction among the employees, and decreased levels of job retention. Thus, the study recommends that policymakers focus on the different communication approaches with the employees when going through a change process simultaneously with achieving organizational objectives.


School of Global Affairs and Public Policy


Public Policy & Administration Department

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MA in Public Administration

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Spring 2-15-2023

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Laila El Baradei

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Shahjahan Bhuiyan

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Noura Wahby


105 p.

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Master's Thesis

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