The principal aim of this study is to compare between peer feedback (PF) and teacher feedback (TF) as perceived by adult Egyptian L2 writers. That aim is pursued to seal a gap in the literature, which is the inadequacy of that line of research in Egypt, and particularly targeting adult L2 writers. Earlier researchers have urged other researchers to conduct more research in different countries and in different instructional settings. Consequently, the study is guided by four research questions enquiring about general perceptions of PF versus TF, how PF and TF prioritise feedback on writing features, the perceptions of PF and TF uptake, and differences in gender perception of PF and TF.

Adopting a mixed method, the sample included: 81 questionnaire participants, seven interviewees, and 16 writing samples. The data analysis reveals a considerable awareness of the importance of PF, but TF is on the lead slightly. The data shows that peers prioritise almost the same writing features as teachers; however, there is a large gap in the instances of highlighting the errors in those features. Moreover, L2 writers in Egypt perceive the PF and TF uptake in roughly the same way. Finally, the investigation of gender differences yields no significant differences quantitatively, but the interviewed sample indicates that male participants see differences in accepting PF.

Results imply that PF practices ought to be encouraged in adult L2 education in Egypt. Teachers need to train learners to provide effective feedback, especially in large classes, to promote more interaction, and create communities of learning among learners.


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