The first part of the thesis presents a summary of the classification of materials, followed by the development of metamaterials and their salient role. Then, a study of metamaterials and the evolution of these 3D structures to 2D, known as metasurfaces, have been discussed. Moreover, the physics and practical interest behind Fano resonance have been discussed. Furthermore, the physical fundamentals guiding the performance of both the metamaterials and metasurfaces, including the temporal coupled-mode theory and the generalized laws of reflection and refraction, have been intensely investigated, along with some of the outstanding properties of the metamaterials. Then, a comparison between metamaterials and photonic/electronic bandgap materials, in addition to a comparison between metasurfaces and frequency-selective surfaces, has been shown. Finally, a literature review for previous work on the application of metasurfaces in different fields and the progress of Fano resonance in numerous applications are stated.

The second part of the thesis presents the research work that has been done, in which a design for an electromagnetic metasurface in the microwave regime has been proposed. Breaking the structural symmetry of the unit cell constituting the metasurface is shown to introduce a route for inducing high-quality factor (Q) Fano resonance (FR). The total thickness of the structure is deeply subwavelength, with the metasurface’s thickness equal to 0.08 of the wavelength. The design has been fabricated and characterized inside an anechoic chamber. Both numerical and measured data show to be in perfect agreement. This work paves the way for numerous applications, including but not limited to sensing and polarization rotation.


School of Sciences and Engineering


Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

Degree Name

MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Graduation Date

Summer 6-15-2021

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First Advisor

Yehea Ismail

Second Advisor

Ahmed Mahmoud

Committee Member 1

Karim Seddik

Committee Member 2

Tamer Abuelfadl


67 p.

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Master's Thesis

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