Due to the crucial antioxidant role of Thioredoxin (Trx) system in various vital cellular processes; DNA synthesis, oxidative stress defense, protein folding, apoptosis and cell growth, this fundamental system is widely expressed in mostly all life's kingdoms. Thus using metagenomic approaches to characterize novel Trx system in unexplored harsh environment will open the window for understanding the evolution of Trx system and its unique adaptation in extreme habitations. One of the unexplored unique ecosystems is the Red Sea's Atalntis II brine pool, specifically, the lower convective layer (LCL). The exceptional harsh conditions of the LCL; anoxic condition, high temperature around 70°C, high salinity (26%), and high metal content, have a significant contribution for being a unique infrequent ecosystem. The objective of this study is to characterize a novel Trx isolated from the LCL. Successfully, in the experimental part, Trx was expressed in E. coli and purified, where the purified Trx has shown a clear antioxidant activity with a unique thermohalophilicity. In conclusion, we have characterized a unique antioxidant Trx protein.


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MS in Biotechnology

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May 2014

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El Dorry, Hamza

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El Dorry, Hamza

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Sayed, Ahmed


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Master's Thesis

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Biotechnology -- Red Sea -- Egypt.


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I would like to acknowledge Dr. Hamza El Dorry; my advisor for his supervision and guidance as well as his great efforts in the classes. Dr. Ahmed Sayed; my co-advisor for his endless support along the research project, his great laboratory guidance, his continuous motivation and his extraordiry support during Biochemistry classes. Dr. Rania Siam, for her efforts in the Biology department at AUC and accepting me in the Biotechnology program during the early interviews in July 2011. Dr. Ahmed Mustafa, for his efforts in the MS Biotechnology Graduate Program and being always a helpful person and very supportive Prof. during our courses. Dr.Asmaa Amleh, for her efforts during courses and allowing me to do the tissue culture part at her laboratory. Special thanks to my dear colleagues; Mr. Amgad Ouf, Mr. Ahmed Samir, Mr. Mustafa Adel, Mrs. Laila Ziko, and Mrs Salma Shafie for their support and efforts to help me achieving this work. Much gratitude for Alfi Foundation for fincing my studies at AUC. Many thanks to KAUST Red Sea spring 2010 expedition for samples collection. Filly, I would like to thank the whole Biology department and Biotechnology program “Really, you have taught me a lot; Dr. Ahmed Sayed, Dr. Ahmed Moustafa, Dr. Asma Amleh, Dr. Hamza El- Dorry, Dr. Rania Siam and Dr. Walid Fouad.”