This research aims to explore the multidimensional problem of Domestic Workers in Egypt. Domestic Workers in Egypt lack the necessary legal protection, which in turn reflects on the absence of all forms of social protection for them and their families. In addition, the social stigma associated with the profession contributes to the violations against the workers of this sector who are mostly women coming mainly from low-socio economic backgrounds. This research focuses on women Domestic Workers, who live in slum communities in Cairo, many of whom are rural-urban migrants. It explores their challenges and their survival techniques used to face daily routines of going to work, commuting and supporting their families under those living and working conditions. The women domestic workers interviewed in this research are not a representative sample; however, they do reflect real life experiences of many other domestic workers who go through the same paths of life. On the other hand, interviews conducted with professionals working in the area of human rights, gender and development have also added to the researcher’s knowledge of how the issue is perceived at the political and social levels. The research findings confirm that there are serious issues with how Domestic Workers are dealt with on the different legal and social levels, and it is a reflection of the overall lack of state protection to women’s and workers’ rights in Egypt. The research concludes with suggested mechanisms through which situation could improve; mainly through conduction of more research to know the size of the problem of Domestic Workers in Egypt. On the other hand, Domestic Workers’ organization would be an essential step to establish a strong institutional body/mechanism that would advocate for Domestic Workers rights through the different channels.


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MA in Political Science

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May 2014

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Glavanis, Pandeli

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Household employees -- Egypt.

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Household employees -- Arab countries.


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