At CASAR, we aspire to deepen the AUC community’s understanding of the United States and its relationship with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We aim to present a nuanced view of American involvement in the region.

To do so, the Center supports high-quality academic research as well as a wide variety of outreach and educational programs, including hosting colloquia and public lectures, thus making available a broad range of opportunities for the AUC community, and to highlight the usefulness of American studies to students of diverse interests and career intentions.

The outreach activities within the AUC community and larger Egyptian society that CASAR offers are a vital part of achieving the Center's mission of enhancing mutual understanding between the MENA region and the United States.

For more information and contacts, please visit the CASAR website.


Submissions from 2018


Cairo Debates: Understanding Arab-American Relations, Magda Shahin


Egypt and the Middle East, Magda Shahin

Submissions from 2017

The Impact of Notions of Nationalism on Women's Rights in Egypt, Magda Shahin and Yasmeen El-Ghazaly

Submissions from 2016


Islam and the West: Global Challenges, Concerted Responses, Reda Shehata

Performances from 2014


Egyptian-US Relations Future Prospects, Center for American Studies and Research