Elbes:Social Dynamics Card Game

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Elbes is an entertaining card game that aims to revive and enhance people’s knowledge on the classical Egyptian films and their characters, as well as, the importance of the Egyptian social dynamics. The idea behind promoting the Egyptian classical films is to encourage youths to be familiar with their rich culture, and to serve as a motivational spark that leads them to watch the classic films. For that, it is an Arabic game that targets the Egyptian audience to embrace their Araabic language and especially the Egyptian dialect. The design is an analog game because it is a portable medium played in various places and is part of the Egyptian’s leisure activities. Since Elbes aims to revive films, characters, and social dynamics, the game is to impersonate the different characters through situations the players are put into. The goal is to identify who the perpetrator of the game is and eliminate that player from the game. The social dynamics are reflected through the utility tools that are dealt by the players during the rounds. The utility tools can serve as an advantage card, hence the players will comprehend the social varieties. Players add imagination to the characters and situations taken from the classic Egyptian films. The design has a psychedelic feel to support the idea of adding imagination to the reality. The game’s name “Elbes” in Egypt can mean either character impersonation (إلبس الشخصية) or be accused of the situation;(إلبس التهمة) which are the two aspects of the game.


Arts Department

First Advisor

Bahia Shehab

Second Advisor

Ghalia ElSrakbi

Third Advisor

Haytham Nawar

Committee Member 1

Ahmed Ellaithy

Committee Member 2

Ahmad Saqfalhait

Committee Member 3

Ayman Ismail



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Not necessary for this item


This piece of art work is part of the "Interdisciplinarity and Design Third Graduating Class of Graphic Design Students The American University in Cairo – Spring 2018" catalog. Held at the AUC Sharjah Art Gallery on December 21st, 2018, the "ALT w Shidd" exhibition showcased bachelor projects by the third Graduating class of Graphic Design students. This year’s projects were divided into 5 panels according to their tackled themes. The panels included “Digital Design”, “Fashion Design”, “Publication Design”, “Advertising”, and “Retail and Branding”. A team of internal and external jury members were invited to each panel in order to provide ourstudents with critical feedback and evaluate the final outcome of their projects according to conducted research, applied methodologies, and undertaken creative design process. Jury members from within AUC included Ahmed Ellaithy (TTO -Technology Transfer Office) Ahmad Saqfalhait (GRDN), Ayman Ismail (Venture Lab), Brenda Segone (ARTV), Heba Safeyeldine (ARCH), Marwan Fayed (GRDN), May Hasebou (GRDN), Mahamad Khalil (GRDN), and Sherif Samy (GRDN). As for external jurors; they included Amira Aboulmagd (Al-Shorouk Publishing), Majd Elsherif (Matter Branding), Mohab Anis (Innovety), Nigel Fletcher-Jones (AUC Press), Sahar Zoghby (FP7), Samy Elias(Sahara Printing), Sawsan Mourad (El Beit Magazine), and Suzie Graiess (Association for the Protection of the Environment).


This record describes an artistic or creative work which was prepared as part of a course of study at the American University of Cairo. The creators retain all rights to the original artistic or creative works described herein.

Publication Date

Fall 12-21-2018

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