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In this video documentary conducted for multimedia capstone class Fall 2020, I aim to show how “Because I’m a Man” campaign, launched by the National Council for Women in Egypt, has immensely challenged the notions of manhood, gender inequality and toxic masculinity; each of which has increased during the pandemic and put women rights at stake. The campaign takes onto different phases (online phase and onground phase divided into two levels or two subphases: cafes/street and sports clubs), all in all three phases. The NCW would precisely rely wholeheartedly in the onground phase (Cafes and sports clubs) on its male volunteers to speak to other men on the street, in cafes and sports clubs and engage them in their fight against gender inequality.


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

First Advisor

Khaled Ezzelarab


Five minutes is the duration of the video documentary

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval

Not necessary for this item

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video documentary script JRMC Capstone (1).pdf (115 kB)
the script for the video documentary on Because I'm a Man Campaign

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