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This thesis explores the capabilities of a quantum computer to simulate quantum systems. We give an introduction to the basics of quantum computing with the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm as a demonstration. Four quantum systems are then simulated using IBM's QASM simulator using 6 qubits: the free particle, eigenstate of an infinite-well, particle in a step potential, and quantum tunneling. Because of the high number of gates, a 6-qubit simulation will not be feasible on current quantum computers. The number of qubits was, thus, reduced to 4 qubits, and was simulated on IBM's 5 qubit quantum computers (ibmq 5 vigo). We conclude that quantum simulations on quantum computers are theoretically achievable, as shown by the QASM simulator; however, no useful information can be extracted using the real quantum computers, due to high noise and high errors.


Physics Department

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Tarek Elsayed


42 p.

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Winter 12-30-2020