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Khalawees is a cartoon that was created to fill the previously researched gaps in the current animation industry through creating diverse character designs that have Middle Eastern features and project the richness of local modern Egyptian culture and traditions without being confined to cliche views of Egypt’s ancient Egyptian mysticism. The cartoon was created to inspire positive social change while referencing Egyptian culture, and the children’s behavior should face positive influence through creating an inclusive diverse team of morally challenged character designs that can act as relatable role models for children. This cartoon is set in a supernatural alternate universe of Egypt created to teach children positive manners in an entertaining way. In this world, people’s bad manners are manifested into actual physical life forms. They develop into destructive creatures that can only be counterattacked with opposing good manners. The protagonists in the story do not have superpowers and are far from perfect, but they always leave room in their flawed personalities for character development. They learn how to hone their own quirky unique skills into becoming their own heroes and strategically fight villains through fun relatable light-hearted battles. When the word “battling your inner demons” becomes literal, how do you think our protagonists can handle it? Could you have acted the same way? We’ll have a blast watching them learn through thrilling adventures that take us on the road to becoming the awesomest version of ourselves.


Arts Department

First Advisor

Ghalia Elsrakbi

Second Advisor

Bahia Shehab

Third Advisor

Haytham Nawar

Committee Member 1

Adly Tomah

Committee Member 2

Ahmad Hefnawy

Committee Member 3

Ahmad Saqfalhait



Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval

Not necessary for this item


This project is part of “ Holy Shift- Fifth Graduating Class of Graphic Design Students-The American University in Cairo – Class Fall 2019” catalog. "Holy Shift" is the title of the Fifth Senior Students Exhibition. It included 30 graduation projects that are broadly divided into four themes: Designing for Cultural and Social Impact Projects presented under this category offer creative tools to critically address social problems. The second theme is; Reimagining Cultural Heritage. The third theme is Designing Future Experiences, and the forth theme “Designing for Education” Graduating Committee: Adly Tomah (CEO, Gemini Enterprises Africa) Ahmad Hefnawy (Founder, Cairopolitan) Ahmad Saqfalhait (Associate Professor of Practice in Design, AUC) Ahmed AlLaithy (Technology Transfer Director, AUC) Bahia Shehab ( Professor of Practice in Design, AUC) Bassem Yousri (Visual Artist, Graphic Design Adjunct Faculty, AUC) Hani Mahfouz (Founder, Hani Mahfouz Design) Hicham Rahmeh (Lead Illustrator at The Brand Company and Co-founder at TokTok) Ibrahim Islam (Creative Head, JWT) Jochen Braun (Associate Professor of Practice in Design, AUC) May Ramy (Director, Academic Initiatives and Mentorship Services, AUC) Nelly El Sharkawy (Creative Director Cairopolitan) Sally-Ann Skerrett (Head of Graphic Design Department, GUC) Sarah Salmawy (Graphic Design Adjunct Faculty, AUC) Sawsan Morad (Editor in Chief, El-Beit Magazine) Tarek Naga (Architect, Adjunct Faculty, AUC) Thomas Wolsey (Assistant Professor, DICE, AUC) Yasmine El Dorghamy (Editor in chief, Rawi Magazine) Yasmine Moataz (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, AUC)


This record describes an artistic or creative work which was prepared as part of a course of study at the American University of Cairo. The creators retain all rights to the original artistic or creative works described herein.

Publication Date

Fall 12-2-2018

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