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Alternative history is a board game that aims to show how writing history can be subjective. The game focuses on the history of modern Egypt, from the French occupation in 1798 up until the Egyptian independence in 1952. The historical stories that unfold throughout the game determine each player’s power and army which help in winning the game. The game focuses on the players’ experience from setting up the board, which is made of blocks that form the map of Egypt with the focus on some cities with historical significance, up to taking over cities and finishing the game. The game also focuses on making the players experience history through building an army, having power, controlling cities, and experience different events through stories about rulers and the people. The game consists of the board, which maps Egypt and emphasizes the different elevations with some cities in focus, the game pieces which each resembles a different force that controlled Egypt, tokens that resemble the army, money and power, and finally the cards that contain the historical stories with an illustration that visualizes each story.


Arts Department

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Ahmad Saqfalhait

Second Advisor

Bahia Shehab

Third Advisor

Ghalia Elsrakbi

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Bassem Yousri

Committee Member 2

Engy Aly

Committee Member 3

Mahamad Khalil



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This project is part of “ Zoom in Keda- Fourth Graduating Class of Graphic Design Students-The American University in Cairo – Class 2018-2019” catalog. Several global cities have acquired an international rep¬utation as design education hubs by acknowledging the importance of education planning and early learning ex¬periences through providing a structured career path and aligning design skills with the economy’s various needs. Our 8 years old Graphic Design program at the Ameri¬can University in Cairo aims to follow the same strategy, mentoring students on how to channel their creativity and knowledge into reshaping their communities, leaving a positive imprint on their society. Four design segments have been commonly defined in the MENA region’s design sector; namely: Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Industrial/Product Design. The title for the fourth design seniors show was “Zoom in Keda “. As with the previous 3 exhibitions, the title builds on the graphic design language in Egyptian vernacular cul¬ture. “Zoom in Keda” is a commonly used phrase in the de¬sign field, told when one wishes to examine the micro de¬tails of a design on screen. The exhibition was held at the AUC Sharjah Art Gallery on December 2nd, 2018, where bachelor projects completed by the fourth graduating class of Graphic Design students were displayed.


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Fall 12-2-2018

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