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Music: Viva La Vida, Coldplay. Dream On, Aerosmith. Script: NAT SOUNDS: Birds fading in then fade out. Total Running Time) 00:07 I wake up at seven in the morning, put my favorite music on. NAT SOUND (“ Dream on” by Aerosmith fades in then fades out) then i start my day off by taking a shower. NAT SOUNDS: Cross fading in the sound of water along with the music previously played, then tap water sound fades out and the music still goes on in the background (Dream On, Aerosmith.) (00:15 seconds). Now, I should get ready to go to college because I live in Madinaty and it usually takes 30 minutes to reach the American University in Cairo. I have Photography Foundations course at 8:30 so I dress quickly and bring the things i need bag, laptop, car and home keys, and put it all in front of the door at my home Because yeah I usually forget stuff and have to go get them back so I'm kind of trying on getting over that habit. NAT SOUNDS: Sound of door opening fades in, elevator coming up and then fades out with the sound of elevator opening.) (8 seconds). NAT SOUNDS: Sound of car engine fading in) one 1 second. So i am in the car now on my to university, listening to music. NAT SOUNDS: Crossfading in of both the sound of Viva La Vida by Coldplay and the vehicle moving) 7 second. I arrive a bit early, well, I still have 15 minutes till class so i head to La Roma to grab a cup of coffee andbrownies. Yeah i like to treat myself every now and then. NAT SOUND Fading in nat sounds for foot steps and then fade out. After class i go to the studio to record my last episode of the weekly radio show for my audio production course. It is an exceptional day because not only is it the last episode but also it will be recorded in Arabic. I am so excited. Nat sound of studio conversation fades in and then out I go back home right after I finish and finally get to enjoy my favorite part of the Day, in which i lay downby the couch, curl up in my blanket and watch Friends! And yeah till i fall asleep




JRMC 4460


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

Faculty Advisor

Kim Fox


This campus-wide project was funded by AMICAL and for AUC's Centennial Celebration in 2019.

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