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When I knew about the interview assignment, I decided that I would like to interview one of AUC’s alumni as their experience would be very beneficial for the current undergrads at the university. When I saw Nadine Khaled Dafrawy- the interviewee- on campus at AUC and learned that she’s working there I decided she would be the best candidate. Nadine was my peer leader during the first year experience, or FYE orientation program that AUC holds from the new students. When she was my peer leader, I knew a lot about her university life and that was mainly how I got all the background information about her. She used to share her experiences with us-her team- so as we would know what we should and shouldn’t do and what kind of activities we should participate in. That’s why; I thought Nadine was a perfect candidate as her experience would be very beneficial to others. Actually this project taught me a lot. I mean even other than the technical lessons; like how to use audacity, edit an audio file, conduct an interview and be an interesting interviewer to get the best out of my source, it also taught me how to just use what I have, and how to always look for the second best alternative because the first might not suit me or my time. I had to create my own opportunity to be able to finish that project and I learned how to always find my way.


Alumni and alumnae, American University in Cairo


JRMC 202


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Kim Fox

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