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This is a project produced for an Audio Production course taught by Professor Kim Fox in the American University in Cairo. Have you ever wondered about your affection for foreign products? Did it ever take you to think about how and when it started? In the Audio Documentary, I tackle the challenges and the facts that led to such a deep-rooted attachment. A set of different interviews were done to produce this piece. Each interview had a certain objective. Through interviewing Aya Ahmed, AUC student, I was able to learn about the psychological implications resulted from the affection for foreign products. Also, Dr Omneya ElNaggar, a Political Science professor, shed the light on the reasons behind such a phenomenon. Further, both professors, Dr Adel Beshay and Dr Ashraf Sheta, presented their economical and entrepreneurial insights on this issue.


JRMC, audio, Production, DOC, Brands, AUC


JRMC 4030


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

Faculty Advisor

Kim Fox


Special thanks to the interviewees: Aya Ahmed: AUC student, majoring in Political Science and Economics. Dr Omneya ElNagar :a faculty professor in the department of Political Science in AUC. Dr Adel Beshay: a faculty professor in the department of Economics in AUC. Dr Ashraf Sheta: a professor for entrepreneurship, management and innovation in AUC. Music Credit goes for Jamendo and Royalty Free Music: • “Longtime” by Reman via Jamendo ( www.jamendo.com/track/363426/longtime ) • “Rugiada” by Mattia Vlad Morleo via Jamendo ( www.jamendo.com/track/1413342/rugiada ) • “Meant to Be” by Rob Costlow via Jamendo (www.jamendo.com/track/5783/meant-to-be) • “Arabikom” by Royalty Free Music via Youtube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQnpVF8Yl_0) Sound effects via YouTube ( www.youtube.com ) NAT sounds were gathered by myself (@pakinamelgohary)

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