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On October 28, 1971, a century-old rich operatic history was tragically destroyed with the burning of the grand Khedivial Royal Opera House, also known as the old Cairo Opera House, which housed many artistic and creative institutions that contributed greatly to the golden era of Egyptian arts [music and cinema]. A new Opera House was opened in 1988, but those who stepped foot in the old opera – albeit as performers, patrons, or composers, directors, and workers – will never forget the magic and history that was largely lost with it. This piece seeks to add to scholarship on the Opera House’s significance, as well as contribute to what little audiovisual records remain that tell of the story of this much loved monument that only lives on in people’s memories.


Audio Production, JRMC4460, Audio Feature, Cairo Opera House, Egyptian Music History, Art, Storytelling, Audio, Egyptian History




Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Kim Fox


This audio feature was produced by Maya Abouelnasr for the Audio Production course at The American University in Cairo, taught by Professor Kim Fox in the Spring semester of two-thousand-twenty-one. Special thanks to Dr. Tarek Ali Hassan and Maha Hussein for sharing their memories and insights. Also, credit for the music goes to YouTube Audio Library, Free Sound, and Wikimedia Commons, as well as Maha Hussein’s CD collection of old Egyptian music. All NAT sounds were created by me, Maya Abouelnasr.


Tarek Ali Hassan (interviewee), Maha Hussein (interviewee)

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Dr. Tarek Ali Hassan Interview Transcript

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Dr. Tarek Ali Hassan Interview

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Maha Hussein Interview Transcript

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Maha Hussein Oral History Agreement

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