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At the beginning when I asked Mr. Mohamed Abu Bakr to sign the agreement form he seemed quite worried and asked me about the project and if the interview will be published. I tried to reassure him and explain what the project is about and that it might get published on the AUC web site. Abu Bakr asked me to contact him if it does get published. I gave him the questions beforehand and told him that if there's anything he doesn't want to be asked, he should tell me. And I asked him if he'd rather have the interview in Arabic or English, and he chose Arabic and said it would be more like a conversation rather than a formal interview. When we started the interview it was pretty ovbious that he did not want to get into trouble, and he kept mentioning that he does not belong to any group and never have been to any protests before the revolution. Abu Bakr was mainly following the events on TV, and only got out 3 days during the entire thing. He talked most of the time about the January 28th events and the Camel Battle. He thought that those were the two most important days during the revolution. Throughout the interview, Abu Bakr was not very enthusiastic about Egypt's current standing and wasn't so sure about the future, or if the revolution actually improved Egypt's standing.


January 25 Revolution, 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Battle of the Camel


HIST 412


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Nancy, Gallagher

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