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This work, titled “A Nile of Sunk Identities: On Cairo and Gender”, is a short audio documentary telling the stories of two transgender persons living in Cairo. It portrays through their stories, the hardships and miseries that trans* people face in the Egyptian capital. The documentary tells the story of Tala, a dentistry student, who was born as a male but identifies as a female. Tala tells her story with suicidal attempts, hormones, The Azhar (religious entity) and family… In their turn, Arin, an American student at the American University in Cairo tells their story of being agender, meaning that they do not identify with either genders and are, in other words, gender non-binary or non-conforming… They (Arin) talk about dangers of Cairo life, harassment on the streets and sends out a strong message to people who are still transphobic. The document also sheds light on evidences of a third gender and transgenderism in Ancient Egyptian Culture and provides recent studies on suicidal rates among trans* communities… Featured in the document as well, is Noha El Nahhas, a senior counselor at the American University in Cairo’s Student Well Being Center. El Nahhas emphasizes on the importance of engaging such a disenfranchised community within the larger community in Cairo.


sex, sexuality, trans, transgender, gender, cairo, ancient egypt, egypt, nile, dentistry, international students, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtq+, hatshepsut, agender, homophobia, transphobia, lebanon, lebanese, idaho


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