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The interview provided was done for a course on oral history and the Egyptian revolution. The interviewee is Mouctar Diallo, AUC graduate student in Anthropology, who was present during the events of January and February in Cairo. He then traveled to Gambia for four weeks of research work at the end of April and then was arrested by Gambian authorities soon after arriving based on accusations of terrorism and possession of illegal destabilizing literature. The Gambian authorities were suspicious due to his connection to Egypt in light of the January uprising. In the interview, Mouctar first discusses his experience and observations in the revolution from his apartment on Mohammad Mahmoud street. Mouctar was active in documenting what he observed through video, photos, and personal interviews. Some of the topics he addressed include the culture of Tahrir, the lack of security, the violence and harassment of protesters, the participation of women, the diversity of those involved, the experience of foreigners, and the spread of revolution. He then discusses his experience in Gambia and reflects on his thoughts during and after the revolution.


Egypt, American University in Cairo, January 25 Revolution, 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Women, Gambia, Women


HIST 412


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Gallagher, Nancy

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