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This documentary reveals the truth about the Armenians in 1915 and the Armenian Diaspora- more specifically in Egypt. After over hundred years of massacres and displacement, how they have become an integral part of the Egyptian society? Thousands of Armenians came and settled down in Egypt as new home and Egypt truly became their second or rather their substitute home. Since then Armenian community played a critical role in building that cosmopolitan nation we are speaking about its glory now. In 19th century, the Egyptian Armenian community began to participate effectively in building the Modern Egypt we know now. After 1952 and the nationalization policies adopted by Gamal Abdel Nasser’s administration, many Egyptian Armenians left Egypt. The diminishing numbers of Egyptian Armenians certainly led to decreased potential and less integration in the Egyptian society. Although their number has declined, they again, are taking its stands in building Egypt. They do not consider themselves as foreigner but Egyptians with an Armenian origin. Armenians shaped Egypt’s history- politically, culturally, and socially. This production is searching for an answer to the question that is kept for over a centaury In 1915, one and half million Armenians were murdered In 2015, ten million Armenians live and still expanding This is an interview with Marilyn Simonian. An Armenian Egyptian who speaks about the cultural life of the Armenians in Egypt and how the community is always trying to keep the Armenian members together in order to preserve their identity.


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