Communication in Egypt: A journey of letters and beyond

Karima Ragab, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

From telegrams to cellphones, the communication means have strongly evolved in the past decade, paving the way for the Internet to burst and enable individuals to send and receive texts within minutes. Keeping it all in the family, this documentary reveals the diaries of those who witnessed this evolution in Egypt from the early 1940s till the 21st century. For my Audio Production class, I had to produce an audio documentary so I chose to have mine discuss the means of communication Egyptians used in the past century. I chose to keep it in the family and have them reveal their stories when it came to their use of the means of communication available back then. My great uncle, 94 years old told me about his use of the telegram in the 1940s, while my grandmother and my father told me about the telephones in the 50s and 60s and how bad it was back then. And lastly, I interviewed my mother, who told me about how she used to send my father letters while he was in the UK. I played around with the music because it is a historical matter.