An Aucian's life after graduation.

Dalia El Abd, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

Alumni Yomna Gamal was interviewed about her life during and after her experience in AUC. She gave feedback of her major decisions and how she plans to carry on her life using all that she learned during college. She also provides a lot of advice on how to deal with classes and how to appreciate every living experience in AUC for it's very useful. Yomna Gamal tells us her feeling when she graduated and she explained how bitter-sweet she felt on her graduation day. She also talked a little about her future career plans and she said that she wants to take a little time off to see how and what exactly she'll use in her life from all that she learned in AUC. Yomna tells all the students to not worry too much about not finding ourselves or majors in AUC because she says it all works out, and there's no need to panic, we should enjoy our experience more.