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From what has been explained, civic engagement includes or demands the act of doing, giving or contributing. It is volunteering, out of your good will. It takes your time, your effort, your energy and sometimes your money. You receive nothing in return, at least not tangible. And yet, thousands of students do this every day. Hundreds of AUCians set out to create their own solutions to fix their community. IBRAHIM: “AUC students are very diverse. And so, their rationale, their motivations to serve or to be involved are just as diverse as they are. For some students, the motivation is faith and religion. And a belief that to be a good Muslim or to be a good Christian, it’s not enough to pray or to have personal piety. But we must look outside of ourselves and we must try to build the good society. That’s a strong motivation at this particular historic moment in Egypt. You will also find out a lot of our students are motivated by patriotism, by a love of Egypt, a desire to make it a better place … Alshanek Ya Balady (AYB) as you know, is one of the clubs that’s formed here, it’s quite large and popular. It’s For You My Country. So that tells you …” The idea of volunteering has become a trend for students in today's world. The American University in Cairo proves to have a diverse set of these activities as we explore the role of civic engagement in Egypt.


Students, Philanthropy, Voluntarism, American University in Cairo, American University in Cairo. John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement


JRMC 460


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