Pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Haidy Badreldin, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

This audio feature highlights the impact of COVID-19 on my family, stuck in three countries during this global crisis. More specifically, the audio feature discusses how the pandemic has separated and affected my family in unexpected ways during such a crucial stage of my family’s life. That being, my older sister’s first pregnancy. This story is about how the Coronavirus has had such major impact on my family as we have been separated by the pandemic in three different countries: Egypt, UAE, and Ghana. The main focus of this piece is my older sister's pregnancy and how she has been separated from my family during her first pregnancy. This piece also sheds light on the ways in which my older sister, father, and mother have been dealing with the harsh impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives in relation to my sister's pregnancy. For this project, remote interviews were conducted with my sister, Maira Badreldin and my father, Sherif Nabawy. And a face to face interview was conducted with my mother, Amal Sukary. And specific sound bytes were extracted from each interview and integrated within this audio feature.