The Invincibility Fable

Engy Moheb, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

Mayan El-Sayed is an Egyptian actress as well as a Theatre and Film student at The American University in Cairo. She began her acting journey during her senior year in high school and has managed to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry over the past few years. In this audio documentary, she discusses the impact her career has had on her personal and academic life. The Invincibility Fable is an audio feature centered around the life of Egyptian actress and college student Mayan El-Sayed. She discusses some of the challenges she faced balancing the two aspects of her life, and the dangers she has been exposed to as a result of being part of the entertainment industry. She finishes with the sentiment that despite the downsides of her job, it remains the one thing she is truly passionate about, which gives her the incentive to keep going.