Behind the walls of AUC

Yara Anwar Deghidy, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

This is an audio feature on the architecture of American University in Cairo (AUC) as it's known to be one of the best university campuses all over the world. It always had a unique identity and is from the very few institutions to use the Islamic architectural style. This audio feature is done on the architecture of the AUC campus because it’s one of the best campuses globally and has a very unique design done with the contribution of an international team of architects with 7 firms from 3 different countries. It features two interviewees, Omar Ayyad and Amira Ayman. They talk about Islamic architecture and AUC's campuses in specific, and how both AUC campuses differ from one another. This audio piece is produced by Yara Deghidy for the Audio Production course at the American University in Cairo, taught by professor kim fox and teaching assistant Hanady Omran in the Fall semester of 2018.