A foreign perspective on sexual harassment

Oline Paludan Jørgensen, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

This audio feature is about a young foreign woman in Cairo and her first experience with sexual harassment in Egypt. Dr. Helen Rizzo explains why sexual harassment is big in Egypt and what the solutions could be to reduce it. This project is about sexual harassment in Cairo. Cairo is ranked one of the most dangerous cities for women, when it comes to sexual harassment. The Egyptian penal code states laws against sexual harassment. So why is it still happening, why is Cairo the capital of sexual harassment? I want to find out why it’s happening how it’s happening and who is involved. What are the opinions for the people it’s happening to and what can be done to prevent this or perhaps even to solve it. To answer these questions, I talked to Maisa Hannon who is a victim of sexual harassment, and Dr. Helen Rizzo who is an expert on the topic.