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My name is Mayar Rahmy; i am a student at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. I study Communication and Media Arts. I present to you one of my assignments for my Audio Production course. For an entire weekend, I recorded the main events and created my audio diary using my narration and various nat sounds. Enjoy ! Script: This is the last day of the weekend, which means all kinds of things could happen. So it's 11:13 am at The American University in Cairo. I'm visiting my friend Salma. She's a music technology major. I'm going to her building. Ooh. I hear music. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Piano Playing’, play for 6 secs then FADE OUT I think I can find her. Oh it's Salma, Khaldoun, and Habiba. I'm meeting with Salma because we are planning our friend Mohamed Sharkawy’s birthday. So lets see what we're going to do. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Piano Playing and Laughing Noises’, play for 6 secs then FADE OUT. So as usual we did not plan anything at all. The piano session was really fun. We just goofed around. He did not make it easy to surprise him. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Salma Talking’, play for 5 secs then FADE OUT He was so persistent to leave early. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Singing Happy Birthday’, play for 7 secs then FADE OUT So here’s the surprise. The view is gorgeous. Its 7:00 p.m. and the weather is the right kind of cold. So the surprise was a lot of fun. And he was really happy but my night did not end. My dad came back from Saudi Arabia and we're going to go to the movies together. It's midnight. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Few Chatter’, play for 2 secs then FADE OUT So the mall is going to be empty. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Scene From The Movie’, play for 13 secs then FADE OUT Were watching the movie Molly’s Game. It's all about gambling and breaking the law but my dad and I are so lost we don't really gamble in our culture so we don't really understand the rules and the policies. But It was a really thrilling. It's Friday. I slept last night at 3 a.m. but I had to wake up at 10:00. Oh well life isn't always fair. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Microwave and Kettle’, play for 5 secs then FADE OUT I guess I'm going to make breakfast for myself. I'm going to make tea. I love tea. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Opening Fridge and Checking the Content’, play for 14 secs then FADE OUT Let me check the fridge. Oh god my dad doesn't know that I started dieting today. The fridge is full of evil sweets. There are ice cream chocolate and cake. Oh well no one really follows their diet. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Tick Tock and Tv’, play for 10 secs then FADE OUT It's time to work. Now I'm bored. I usually work in front of the TV or by listening to music. My dad is back. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘The Burger Being Fried’, play for 6 secs then FADE OUT My dad loves to cook and he's going to cook me some Fried burger. Mmmm, smells delicious. So it's Saturday. It's around 3pm. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘Outdoor and Bird Sounds’, play for 9 secs then FADE OUT I'm back on campus. I'm going to go back to my dorm. But first I'm going to get something to eat. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: ‘ATM Sound’, play for 5 secs then FADE OUT Wait a minute, I dont have any money. I guess I'm going to go to the ATM. Now I can get some food. FADE IN: NAT SOUND: Youmna and I Chatting, play for 9 secs then FADE OUT Oh there's Youmna. I really like her. I hope she doesn't stall me. I need to go to Subway before it closes at 4 p.m. Well that was my weekend. It was a lot of fun and I'm gonna have to start school tomorrow. But at least I'll sleep smiling. The #AUCdiaries project is an oral history project that documents the life of the AUC community. The project was initiated by Kim Fox in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JRMC) along with Hoda Mostafa, Maha Bali and Nadine Aboulmagd, all from the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT). The bulk of the content that was created for the #AUCdiaries podcasts was completed by students as part of AUC courses. As such, this is both a digital pedagogy project, since students learn while producing, and a digital scholarship project, since the output is considered to be digital scholarship.




JRMC 4460


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Kim Fox


The #AUCdiaries project is funded by an AMICAL Small Grant and involves creating interdisciplinary podcasts for the occasion of the AUC Centennial (2019).

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