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Studies have shown that education suffered a dramatic loss, with a decrease of 20,021 (19%) of graduates. The reason for that, as examined, is that students are opting for majors when thinking about job opportunities more than thinking about their passion. My grandmother, during the 1960s, was widowed when she was pregnant with my uncle and my mother was only four. She was bombarded with backlash and criticism about her ability to raise two children alone. My grandmother took this as a challenge and manifested it into a positive way, by doing so, she wanted to give her children the best education there is. My mother was forced into studying medicine because this is what my grandmother thought would be best, although my mother innately had varying visions and passions. According to varying studies, a significant change has been signified in the female applicants to medical school over the last decade. This oppression and resentment led my mother to take a giant leap of faith towards me and my future, and let me decide where I take my life. My mother may be scared for my future, but she believes in the power of loving what I'm studying. This Audio Feature aims to present how my the controlling situations my mother faced when she was growing up led her to granting me freedom in choosing where my path is headed. Through a walk through memory lane, a change over time in the perspectives of my family is portrayed.


Education, Freedom, Societal Pressure, Medicine, Engineering, Passion, Train., Education, Freedom, Societal Pressure, Medicine, Engineering, Passion, Train, Audio Production, Audio Feature, History


JRMC 4460


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Kim Fox


Music: Omar Shehata - Piano Once Again - Bensound https://www.bensound.com/ NAT Sounds: All NAT Sounds were collected and owned by me, inside my grandmother’s house, using an iPhone, by Farah Rafik Sound effects: The sounds were taken from the following websites: https://www.soundeffectsplus.com/product/train-station-ambience-01/ https://www.soundjay.com/transportation/sounds/train-pass-by-with-whistle-01.mp3


Shehata, Omar, Mona, Sherry Abadir, Joseph,

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