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This Audio Feature is a documentation of my family home, built in 1927, in Zamalek, Cairo. As my grandmother is getting older, the inevitability of selling the house is unavoidable. The voices of the people you will hear are either currently living here or have lived here before. Some of the stories can be funny and some are a little upsetting. Regardless, this Audio Feature will let the listeners move within the spaces of the house. Special thanks to my mom (Mervat Salem), my cousin (Nadia Khalifa), our neighbor (Thomas Hartwell) and my lovely grandmother (Faiza Abdeen), for their thoughts on the family home. This audio feature was produced for the Audio Production course at the American University in Cairo taught by Professor Kim Fox in the fall semester of 2018. This Audio Feature sort of attempts to shed light on how important this family home is to the people living in it and what it would mean to sell it (when and if it ever gets sold).


Home, Family, Cairo, Egypt, Zamalek, Audio Production, AUC, Staircase, Time, Place, Date


JRMC 4460


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

Faculty Advisor

Kim Fox


As stated previously, special thanks to my mom, my grandmother, my cousin and our former neighbor. The music used in this piece is by Sawsquarenoise from Free Music Archive. Here is the link to their website: freemusicarchive.org/genre/piano/ All NAT Sound was collected and is owned by me except the ticking clock. The ticking clock was taken from the following website: www.soundeffectsplus.com/product/clock-ticking-03/ Here is the link to the Ahram article with some background information on the tragic earthquake that killed over 500 people in Egypt: english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContentP/1…-official.aspx

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