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This audio documentary aims to show the phenomenal increase of women who stopped wearing the veil despite the consequences they might face from the Egyptian society. Ever since the former President Mohamed Morsy won the presidential elections, I have been witnessing this phase that female figures from different ages in Egypt have been going through. Many women are taking the decision to stop wearing the veil, while others are considering it but fear the society's reaction. My story will be about women in Egypt that are taking off their veils despite the pressure they will face either from the society or their families, and also the judgments they will receive. To be more specific the story will be about the fact that veiling has become a social norm more than a religious one but women are still taking it off despite the consequences they might face from the citizens of Egypt. It will impact everybody as it is a phase the Muslim community is going through; especially women who are considering taking off/wearing the hejjab. This story is important to tackle because it is an issue that has been happening since a long time but nowadays it has been turning into a phenomenon that is rapidly growing.


Unveiling, Egyptian Society, Culture, Egyptian Women


JRMC 4460


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Kim Fox

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9 p.; 00:10:01



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