Diary of a student on campus during the weekend

Karim Al Masarani, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

Karim Al-Masarani, AUC student, graduating senior majoring in Journalism. This project is for the course JRMC 4460, instructed by Professor Kim Fox. In this audio feature I give a brief walk through a day of my life. I show a glimpse of what it is like to be a graduating senior, that even during my weekend I have to attend classes and study on campus. I narrate what happens from my start of my day, with daily morning routines, and how I can also have fun by ending my day with the most beloved thing to my heart, football. Script: NAT SOUND: Fade in of the alarm playing. Then fade out. Ughh….Why am I up this early on a Saturday. Well, since I am here, let me take you to a walkthrough my day. NAT SOUND: Fade in of me showering. Then fade out. (00:10) Well, Nothing better than a hot steamy shower to start off my day. NAT SOUND: Fade in of me brushing my teeth. Then fade out. (00:07) Being the neat freak that I am, I CANNOT start off my day without brushing my teeth. THOROUGHLY. NAT SOUND: Fade in of kettle boiling. Then fade out. (00:07) Ohh, my tea is ready...I need to hurry up before it makes an even louder whistling, I can’t stand the noise. NAT SOUND: Fade in of boiling water poured in a mug. Then fade out (00:05) Nothing is more satisfying than hearing that sound of water hitting the bottom of my mug making that sweet sweet honey tea. NAT SOUND: Fade in of car starting. Then fade out. (00:06) Well, here we go, the infamous trip in the streets of Cairo from the old neighbourhood of Heliopolis to the American University in Cairo located in the new and prestigious New Cairo. NAT SOUND: Fade in the streets of Cairo. (00:10) Since its an hour drive I have to play my favorite music by the famous Egyptian pop artist Amr Diab.That will help me through one of the most jammed cities in the world . NAT SOUND: Fade in Amr Diab Song. Fade out.(00:08) I am finally here! Ohh..it’s a bit chilly today. I can’t believe I am here on Saturday. But hey 2 more month and I am graduating. NAT SOUND: Crossfade switching of the car and walking towards class (00:13) Can’t they just invent something that makes me teleport to class, the walking on this campus kills me. NAT SOUND: Crossfade opening door and class noises with door closing.(00:10) Here we go, a long day of recording, I can’t wait until i am done. NAT SOUND: Fade in starting the car. (00:05) Done for the day, I can’t wait until I go back home and watch the Arsenal match. I really hope they lose...what am I talking about...of course they WILL lose. NAT SOUND: Fade in football match. (Crossfade) Me cheering on. (00:13) Long day with an amazing end, Arsenal did lose. Now time to go to bed because I have to wake up really early for the 10 A.M class. The #AUCdiaries project is an oral history project that documents the life of the AUC community. The project was initiated by Kim Fox in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JRMC) along with Hoda Mostafa, Maha Bali and Nadine Aboulmagd, all from the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT). The bulk of the content that was created for the #AUCdiaries podcasts was completed by students as part of AUC courses. As such, this is both a digital pedagogy project, since students learn while producing, and a digital scholarship project, since the output is considered to be digital scholarship.