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Since last summer and everyone have been noticing the high demand on approvals to study abroad; and not just anywhere. A specific destination became the target of many AUC-ians; University of California in Los Angeles. As I was putting my papers into process with the registrar office, I was advised to start everything as quickly as possible as they are expecting a lot more to apply this semester. And in order to make it faster, they told me it would be helpful if i ask for help from someone who went before. Beside the fact that UCLA requires a lot of paper work, I still wasn’t sure what made it very attractive to AUC-ians. And in search for this answer, i came across a former student who did a summer session there. Rana Mansour, a 23 years old IMC graduate student, has been helping me get work together. From choosing courses to getting apartments and knowing more about the destination, I became more aware of the magic of LA. She was happy to share with us her experience at UCLA by accepting the interview. She thinks it will be as helpful as what she has been doing with me. As I got to meet more AUC-ians off to LA in a couple of months, I got the chance to know why do they prefer The US over Europe (keeping in mind that i had a summer session in 5 different European countries last semester that I found fascinating). Its about the experience more than the study; its about the freedom and the independence they feel. Its about the hectic nightlife they see on TV. UCLA became another branch for AUC-ians during the summer. Egyptians are by far the dominant nationality after the Americans. And as they leave the UCLA campus by the end of their semester, they come back with a luggage full of experience and tings they’ve never experienced or saw in their life. They become Different! I’ve learned from this project something that I haven’t really paid attention to before. I’ve learned that listening carefully and responding at the right time can help a conversation develop more effectively. I’ve also learned that thinking before talking helps get the right message across even as we improvise; and that might be by writing down your questions and practicing them.


American University in Cairo, University of California, Los Angeles, Foreign study


JRMC 202


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Kim Fox

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