Egyptian Broadway : Musical Theater from the Past till the Present Day.

Nour El-Bastawisy, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

This audio documentary focuses on the history of musical theater in Egypt and the latest attempts of its revival, by outstanding musical youth troupes and individuals. The documentary is featuring Nesma Mahgoub, singer and performer at Fabrica, Ibrahim Maurice, producer and songwriter of Leila the Musical, and Hana Ghoneim; a musical theater enthusiast who is also an actor and singer at Leila. Egypt is an artistically rich country. However, a lot of people, including Egyptians themselves, are not familiar with this side of our heritage; musical theater. This is a story about this forgotten art and about outstanding inidividuals who decided to bring it back to life after it has remained in recession for a fairly long time. Also, there are moments of glory and moments of disappointment