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This is an audio diary assignment for Audio Production course at the American university in Cairo. Script: Its finally Thursday, I finished my classes but I’m still at the studio waiting to record our fourth episode of the rundown for my Audio production course at AUC. It’s 2 pm I decide to go get a salad as we are waiting for our interviewee to come. It’s almost 5, we just posted our episode and it’s time to leave! I leave the studio and walk to my car parked in front of the Bus gate. I open the car and the radio automatically opens to Nile Fm. I’m supposed to pick my friend Mariam from her house in Dokki because I’m a great friend. We are going to Zamalek to meet some friends. It’s 7 and I’m still stuck on October bridge, but I’m almost there. I pick up Mariam and we are heading to a gas station because I forgot to put gas in my car. We are supposed to meet our friends in Zamalek, but it looks like we are going to be a bit late. As we leave Dokki, we see a restaurant celebrating its opening with very loud music. We arrive at the gas station, we put gas in the gar then head to Olivo, a very small and crowded restaurant in Zamalek. We arrive a bit late, it’s very loud in there, we find all of our friends sitting waiting for us. I just left Olivo, I am listening to music on my way home. I enter the elevator, I live on the fourth floor. I ring the bell and my maid opens and greets me at the door. I head to my room to finally sleep as it’s been a long day. The #AUCdiaries project is an oral history project that documents the life of the AUC community. The project was initiated by Kim Fox in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JRMC) along with Hoda Mostafa, Maha Bali and Nadine Aboulmagd, all from the Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT). The bulk of the content that was created for the #AUCdiaries podcasts was completed by students as part of AUC courses. As such, this is both a digital pedagogy project, since students learn while producing, and a digital scholarship project, since the output is considered to be digital scholarship.




JRMC 4460


Journalism & Mass Communication Department

Faculty Advisor

Kim Fox


The #AUCdiaries project is funded by an AMICAL Small Grant and involves creating interdisciplinary podcasts for the occasion of the AUC Centennial (2019).

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