The traveling experience: Kathleen Saville interview

Nada Ismail, The American University in Cairo

Description or Abstract

My interview was about the experience of travel and how travel affects and changes people. I conducted my interview with my rhet professor, Dr. Kathleen Saville. Since she traveled around the world, I asked her about her experience and how it changed her. I also asked if her experience correlates with other experiences I have researched. I conducted my background reserach on two things. I researched the different cultures where she visited to help me better understand her experience. I also researched the effects of travel on people. I read several articles and blogs where people recounted their experiences and I tried to compare that with Dr. Saville's experience. I selected my interviewee by thinking about the interesting people I know. Dr. Saville has always told us in class how travel affected her life greatly, so I was interested to know more and thought it would be a new and intriguing topic. I asked Dr. Saville for an interview and she was extremely helpful and resourceful.Through this project I learned that interviews are all about the details. I have to pay attention to the details I find in my research since they might relate to my interviewee. The facial expressions of the interviewee are important to sense whether they are relaxed or aggitated (Dr. Saville was very relaxed). I also learned that I have to pay close attetion and note whether my question were answered and what follow up questions could be asked.