AUC Forum Camp David at 40 - Session 2 - IMPACT OF CAMP DAVID: Regional / International (Part 3)

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WITH A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER Session 2 - IMPACT OF CAMP DAVID: Regional / International Speakers: Dr. Basma Kodmani - Co-Founder and Executive Director, Arab Reform Initiative. Professor Shibley Telhami - Anwar Sadat Chair of Peace and Development, University of Maryland. Chair: Professor Bahgat Korany, Director, AUC Forum In the conflict-ridden Middle East, the 1978-Camp David Peace Accords between Egypt and Israel are a milestone. This 13-day meeting under the leadership of U.S. President Jimmy Carter took place like a suspense story, a thriller movie, with delegations occasionally packing to leave rather than continuing negotiations. In fact, skepticism about the results continued until the very end. Just before signing the accords, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel resigned his post, becoming the second Egyptian foreign minister to resign in less than a year. The Camp David Accords are a milestone in another sense. With the biggest Arab country signing a unilateral peace treaty with the Arab world’s traditional enemy while a state of war still existed after four regional wars, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat set a new foreign policy behavior that will determine the region’s future. In retrospect in 2018, we can indeed talk about the Camp David Regional Order. In addition to Carter’s substantive message, this international one- day conference will gather well-known experts, some participated in the conference back in 1978, to recollect, inform and analyze.


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AUC Forum

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September 2018

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