Panel Discussion: Going Online: Towards a Preliminary Balance Sheet

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One of the most important results of the COVID-19 lockdown is going online, where we are now conducting meetings and teaching virtually. Although some activities will be carried out the same way post-pandemic as they were before, others will not. A few activities that now take place online will remain online, becoming the new normal. Will teaching be one of them? Is that what we want and should plan for? To answer these questions and look ahead, we need to assess the experience that we went through: what are its pros and cons? What advantages and disadvantages did we discover? Two faculty members from AUC and Cairo University will discuss and analyze this experience. In addition, three students from different schools and at different undergraduate and graduate levels will join the conversation and share their opinions. Although the panel’s focus is on teaching and learning, the online mode will be practiced much more widely going forward. As a result, the experiences of these two institutions and the conclusions drawn during this discussion are of broader significance for many other online activities in the future. In fact, this preliminary assessment could be indicative of the general impact of technology in shaping our professions and lives.


covid, post covid, teaching, university, AUC, balance sheet


AUC Forum

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May 2020

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