Submissions from 2022


Earth Day, Naeema Al Gasseer

Submissions from 2021

CFD for Water Industry and Research, Amr Abdelghany

From Islamic Calligraphic Arts to Modern Arab Design: A Conversation with Bahia Shehab and Haytham Nawar, Noha Abou-Khatwa Adjunct Assistant Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture

De Facto Measures for De Facto Refugees: Protecting Displaced Persons in the UAE, Jinan Bastaki

Egypt Non Conventional Water Resources, Dawood Abdelhamid Dawood

Gender Equality and Women's Rights in the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration: Exploring Implementation in the Arab Region, Jean D'Cunha

FARD NGO: Working as a non-Profit with Syrian migrants in Egypt, Laila El Baradei and Rasha Maati

The history of AUC's women soccer team, Aya Elsayad

Climate Change Webinar, Brent Haddad, Sherif Hosny, Mohamed Bayoumi, and Michael Loik

Conference on the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee "Middle East and North Africa (MENA)", Bouthaina Ismaili, Tamirace Fakhoury, Shaden Khallaf, and Mary Kawar


Behind High Walls, Tania Kamal-Eldin and Frank Bartscheck


Female Genital Mutilation, Ramy Metwali


Understanding Austism, Ghada Orabi

Overview of the EU pact on migration and migration policies within the EU, Graziella Rizza

Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Era of Sustainable Development, Hani Sewilam

Climate Change Adaptation and Water Resources in Egypt, Hany Sewilam, Brent Haddad, Ayman Abo-Hadid, Mohamed Bayoumi, and Abdulla Ashraf


Cardiovascular Disease Burden in Low and Middle-Income Countries, Elsayed Z. Soliman

The impending Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) spread through municipal wastewater, Rominder Suri, Achinta Bordoloi, Daniel Caldwell, Dabojani Das, and Mohan Achary

Submissions from 2020

The Venezuelan Crisis: Understanding the Exodus and Humanitarian Costs, Carlos Abaunza

COVID and International Labor Migration in the Middle East, Dina Abdel Fattah, Ryszard Cholewinski, and Irudaya Rajan

Electrocatalytic Destruction of Perflueoalkyl Substances in Water, Sibel Barisci

Two Dimensional Nanostructure based Membranes for Water Filtration Webinar, Indranil Chowdury


Elder Abuse, Sarah El Baba

Infrastructures of Mobility: Rural Transnational Migration & Social Mobilization in Egypt's Nile Delta, Nada ElKouny


Be Aware, Hanan Gewefel

Refugee Entitlements in Egypt: A Presentation of the Project's Findings, Elena Habersky and Amira Hetaba

Moodle Assessment Tools and Best Practices, Ernesto Lopez and Kurt Becker

أدب الأطفال أمسية مع الباحثة ياسمين مطاوع والكاتبة هديل غنيم, Yasmine Motawy and Hadil Ghoneim

Communicating Science to the General public, Adina Paytan


Whatever their age, they all aim for Living Longer and Healthy Lives, Wael Safwat

Water and Sustainability, Hani Sewilam and Brent Haddad

Impacts of COVID-19 on Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Space, Ayman Zohary, Maurice Stierl, Hassen Boubakri, and Ferruccio Pastore

Submissions from 2019

The Story of a Cairene Calligrapher in Mamluk times, Noha Abou-Khatwa Adjunct Professor

The Mamluk Book Market, Doris Abouseif Professor Emerita and Former Nasser D. Khalili Chair SOAS

The Arabesque Leaf Scroll, Heba Barakat Head of the Curatorial Affairs at the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia

Of Maps and Men, Humphrey Davies Translator and author of A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo (with Lesley Lababidi, AUC Press, 2018)

The Memory of Husayn: the Drama of History and Ritual, Samer El- Karanshawy Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

أمسية مع الروائي عادل عصمت عن "حكايات يوسف تادرس", Adel Esmat

Reflections of love in Hafez’s poetry, Pascal Held Assistant Professor

The American Research Center in Egypt red Monastery Conservation Project: Community Engagement in Heritage Preservation, MICAEL JONES Associate Director of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE)

The American Research Center in Egypt red Monastery Conservation Project: Community Engagement in Heritage Preservation, Micael Jones

Animal Accusers: An Islamic Critique of Violence, Richard McGregor Associate Professor

Recently Discovered Manuscripts by Naguib Mahfouz, and the Polemic Around his Famous Novel 'Awlad Haratina', Muhammad Shuair Writer and journalist, author of the book: Awlad Haratina: Qissat al-Riwaya al-Muharrama .

Contemporary Mosque Architecture and the Sanctioning of Sacred Form, James Steele Distinguished Professor at the School of Architecture,

Submissions from 2018

A Contemporary Odyssey: Dialectics of Love and Torture in Twentieth Century Egypt, Ahmad Ali Badawi

Cultural Machine Translation: Challenges and Solutions, Fernand Cohen

On the Oral Origin of Law, from Sunna to Shari'a, Rocio Daga Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München- Institut für den Nahen und Mittleren Osten. Arabic Papyrology Database.

Islamistan - Visages du radicalisme: Problems of Translation and 'Back' Translation, Abdel Megid El Mehelmy

Translating Defiance into Art: Tunisian Women's Revolution, Nevine El Nossery

Egypt without architects: Recovering the country's design history, Mohamed ElShahed curator and Writer

Sculpting Egypt: Mokhtar between Revolution and the Visual Arts, Emad Abou Ghazi

Psychology of Fragments: Translating Mahmoud Darwish, Fady Joudah

Islam in the Netherlands: Muslims in a Secularising Society, Ruud Peters Professor Emeritus of Islamic Studies

No Friend But Mountains: Translation as Literary Experimentation and Shared Philosophical Activity, Omid Tofighian

Submissions from 2017

Dystopia Novel, Basma Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Rabie, and Na’il al-Tukhi

Fiction as Translation, Leila Aboulela

Streets and Stories: a conversation with Hamdi Abu Golayyel, Hamdi Abu Golayyel

الوثائق و انتاج المعرفة: رؤية جديدة, Abdel Wahed El-Nabawwi Professor of Modern and Contemporary History and former minister of culture.

When Shakespeare Speaks Egyptian Arabic: The Case of Da’a bi Da’a, Waleed Hammad

Scribal Residues in Translation: The Arabic Bible in the Nahda and the Task of the Translator, Rana Hisham Issa

Translating the Law: Tahtawi and the 1814 French Charter, Gianluca Parolin

Egypt’s Linguistic Landscape: Tokens of its History and Trajectory, Marilyn Plumlee

An Introduction to Digital Tools for Arabic Geniza Documents, Marina Rustow Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East at Princeton University and the director of the Princeton Geniza Lab

Recycled Fatimid State Documents from the Cairo Geniza, Marina Rustow Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East at Princeton University and the director of the Princeton Geniza Lab

Superheroes in Translation: Constructions and Deconstructions, Mounira Soliman

Islam’s Exposure to Modernity, Bassam Tibi

The Sharia-tization of the Islamic State, Bassam Tibi

Submissions from 2016

Translating the Fantastic: A Wizard of Earthsea as an Example, Mona El Namoury

Together: Collaborative Translation of the Untranslatable, Ferial Ghazoul

Ahmed de Bourgogne: Between Migration and Translation, Margaret Clare Gilligan

Islamic Art and its Interdisciplinary Translations, Ellen Kenney

Toward Developing a Critical Urban Lexicon, Omar Nagati and Beth Stryker

Islamic Law and the Modern Egyptian Legal System, Mohamed Serag Professor of Islamic Studies

A Translator in the Crossfire: Bassem Youssef and the International Emmys Opening Speech, Mai Serhan

Self Translation: Faithful Rendition or Rewriting?, Mohamed Tawfik

Signed, Bilal Khayr, Your Respectful Slave: Letters from a Family Archive, Terrence Walz Independent Scholar

Submissions from 2015

Al Athar Lina: Can Conservation be a vehicle for social development?, May Al Ibrashy Director of Al-Athar Lina Initiative and adjunct professor in the Department of Construction Engineering and the Department of Architecture,

Numbers, Gestures, Images, Words: How We Speak Truth to Power, Lisa Anderson

Egyptian Theater Problems Symposium, Hassan Attia theater critic, professor and previous director for the Mass Culture Theater and Nasser Abdel Moneim theater director and a former director of the House of Technical Theater.

Egyptian Theater Problems Symposium, Hassan Attia and Nasser Abdel Moneim

Du sang du coeur a la peau des fesse: The Body in Translation, Claude Audebert

The Historian as Translator: Problems, Challenges and Possibilities, Amina Elbendary

Visual Translations of Nationalist Discourse: Shadi Abdel Salam's The Mummy Revisited, Sandrine Gamblin

Rethinking the Early Nahda, Peter Gran Professor of History

Giving Heritage a New Life, Hend Nadim

Family and the State in the Ottoman Egypt: The Bakriyya as an Example, Adam Sabra professor of history and King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Chair in Islamic Studies

Family and the State in the Ottoman Egypt: The Bakriyya as an Example, Adam Sabra

Sufism and Political Theory in the Late Middle Ages, Adam Sabra

Anxiety About the Urban in 1950s Egyptian Cinema, Paul Sedra Associate Professor

Caliphate: The Surprising Afterlives of a Medieval Institution, Lennart Sundelin Professor of Middle East history in the Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations

Did Arabs Invent the Long Distance Relationship?, Adam Talib professor of Arab and Islamic civilizations

Did Arabs Invent the Long Distance Relationship?, Adam Talib